Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Anbar Waffle House opens for business

A dear friend whipped up a fantastic idea: surgical team waffles! She send out a waffle iron, pancack mix, maple syrup, buttermilk powder, and a can of pumpkin.

All I had to do was "procure" some milk and eggs. Grocery stores, or "Souks" are off-limits. Haven't found any Wa-Wa's or 7-11's yet. No easy task; this took a coalition of the willing and some smooth talking at the chow hall. Worth it. Along with some freshly ground Starbucks, this was the finest "homecooked" meal I've had in months!
Surgical Team says: Thanks Missy!


Kat said...

Now that looks fine!

Nothing like a home cooked meal after weeks of "eating out" at the DFAC.

Kat said...

PS>..these pictures remind me of MASH. Which one of you is Hawkeye and which one is RADAR?

ChiTown Sandy said...

I give credit to ANYONE that can make waffles, especially under your conditions. I can't even make waffles in ChiTown without ruining them in some way. Looks like they were really enjoyed.

Bag Blog said...

Hmm, what are those yellow tubs normally used for? I guess a surgical team would know how to sterilize what they use.

I like the drawings, photos, and posters on the wall - very homey.