Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence Day

Big voice booms "Clear all roads from Trooper Gate to Charlie Medical. I say again clear all roads from Trooper Gate to Charlie Medical."

Iraqi civilians were struck by a VBIED that was gunning for an Iraqi Police checkpoint. Two families in a big minivan, including seven children! All survived and were treated by Charlie Medical for minor and deep lacerations. It looked like a mess when they came in, but after getting wounds washed out, sutured, and clean sets of clothes for everyone, things shaped up to be a lot better than it could have. One little girl had a severed wrist tendon, and she was taken to the OR for repair. The whole family was released late in the afternoon with a few big bags of toys and extra blankets for the kids. Before they left, we gave the toddlers some Fourth of July cake. From how much ended up on their face and in their hair, I think they really like it! We all knew they were back to normal when they started chucking cake around patient hold...

Tim, D squared, and I had just enough time after the case to walk to the Alamo (3rd Infantry Division Headquarters) for a Battalion cookout and Fourth of July talent show. I'll say this much: entertaining.
Our day culminated in Eric, D squared, and I climbing up for a better view of the Ar Ramadi Fireworks Show. Evoking images similar to what Francis Scott Key witnessed at Fort Henry when he penned the Star Spangled Banner, Palladin artillery sent up volley after volley of illumination and signal shells for about fifteen minutes. The Star Spangled Banner, originally written as a poem, and later adopted as the United States National Anthem, was inspired by Key as Fort Henry was being pummeled by the British in the War of 1812.
Our Independence Day display of bombs bursting in air was reminiscent to the display our forefathers and young Nation saw 195 years ago. I couldn't have asked for a more authentic celebration of National pride, tradition, and freedom.


Andrew said...

Happy 4th of July!

Thank you for the blog and your service. It's amazing that after 231 years this country still produce men and and women that volunteer to serve their nation and indeed the world.

You and your fellow soldiers of today are truly worthy successors to a legacy dating back to Washington and his Continentals.

All the best.

Sarah said...
Here is a slideshow of pictures I took today in Patriot Indiana. We love you guys so much! God Bless You!

Bag Blog said...

I would say that was an impressive fireworks show from the artillery. Glad you got to celebrate!

David M said...

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Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Thank you for everything you are doing. You have a wonderful site here. I find your posts especially interesting as I know a doctor who is currently stationed at Balad.

Take care and Happy 4th of July a little late. :)