Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ramadi 5K

Things continue to trend in the right direction here in Ramadi. Occasional flare-ups in violence not withstanding, Anbar province crawls towards peace as the days drag on.
On that note, the Morale and Welfare folks have been coodinating 5K runs once a month as operational tempo allows. We had one last week, and all of the surgical team runners showed up for this one, along with quite a few from Evac Platoon.

The guys in the tan shirts are part of the Coalition forces from Uganda. They provide internal security (post exchange, chow hall/DFAC, ect.) on most of the larger bases in Iraq.


Missy said...

Nice form as you come to the finish line - looks like it's really early or dusk - either way I am sure it was still 105. So props go out to you all!

Glad to see Uganda is participating as well!

Ozarkglittergirl said...

A going home bbq...sorry I missed that one! :) going home...going home... :) :) :) :)

KG2V said...

Running against Ugandians? (sp?) That's almost as nuts as running against Kenyans.

I knew you guys were nuts ;)