Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Helo Dunker

The Navy's infamous Helo Dunker! Here's how this works: swim in and strap into your assigned seat. After everyone is strapped in, the crane operator drops the dunker into the pool and it immediately flips upside down.......once all violent motion stops (their words, not mine), you have to get yourself unbuckled (you are upside down and completely disoriented), locate a window (no, we are not allowed to go out the large hole in the back...), open the window, and climb out. The trick is to figure out which way is up before you run out of oxygen! Two Navy divers enter the dunker as soon as it plunges into the water for safety in case someone can't get out of their harness or can't find their way out.

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Odette said...

DUDE watch out for the water!!! Like who taught those pilots how to fly a HELO!?!?! my dad needs to teach them a lesson!

Anonymous said...

Hey Odette!
Don't know why no one else added any comments after yours. I was going to just leave it alone, but like the tell tale heart, it was there and wouldn't stop! So....

Hey Carl!
Remember the "water rides" at Great America and all the fun you had? What you didn't know is that the powers that be were conditioning you all along to prepare you for the Helo Dunker!
Ain't that a hoot!