Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our first case

First: thank you everyone for your posts and feedback....deeply appreciated!
My team hasn't wasted any time with relieving the current staff: our first case came in last night.....a 6 year old Iraqi girl triggered an IED. She had penetrating abdominal injuries, and broke one of her legs (tib/fib fx). Our general surgeon and ortho surgeon went right to work, and my good friend Pat flew her to Baghdad in the middle of the night.
We met our counterparts yesterday, and they have a mixed look of exhaustion and relief.....they are glad it's over, and are anxious to turn the "watch" over to us. We will spend the next few days working together so they can impart "pearls of wisdom" and lessons learned.


Dawn said...

Thanks for all you do to protect us here in the US! Keeping you in thoughts and prayers!

Cynthia said...

Thank you.....for all of it G!!

mjb coffee said...

Oh, I am so glad you getting settled in your new environment. It must have been a shock on your body. God bless you for doing the job you are doing and seeing what you have to see. Thanks for being there for our USA soldiers and the Iraq people.

Vanessa said...

Hey Carl
What's the weather like? Do you live where you work (if you can answer that)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all that you do, we are thinking about you, and praying for you.
Be safe,

Anonymous said...

We'll do our best to pray for everyone in that region - our military, those living there, and especially for all the children.

Anonymous said...

We'll pray for strength for you as you begin seeing patients, especially when they are children. We pray for your safey and the safety of all those with you.
ChiTown Sandy

Vanessa said...

I am actually meeting other stampers THROUGH you! Rhonda G. 'found me' and emailed... lol My neighbor, who is an out of control wild woman and SU! demonstrator too, sent your blog link out to at least 3 groups and probably more, of stampers, 99% of which are WOMEN, (yes, you are a wild woman, Gwen!) on the internet. A lot of them do not know me so, you've been warned. :)
I have absolutely NO CONTROL over Gwen. (rolls eyes and *smiles*)
big hugs

Sista Jen said...

Big Bro,

U make me sooo proud to be your sister. Much love always and God bless, Jen

Brother Tom said...

Bigger Bro, I am glad to see that you are staying busy and safe. You have the support and prayers of everyone in my household. Keep up the great work, and I can't wait to see you again. Tom