Sunday, April 1, 2007

Our own little slice of heaven in the middle of U Know What

Friday and Saturdays picture of our SWA Hut (southwest asia) progress. When the current team found out we were augmenting them, they had nowhere for us to live (we are currently "camping" in a small wooden hut; no furniture; beds that mysteriously collapse in the middle of the night). The hut is being build right behind the hospital so they can run and grab us in a hurry when trauma comes in. That's D squared and Eric standing inside for the picture... Needless to say, we can't wait to move in! Anyone have any gaudy lawn ornaments they are willing to donate to a good cause????

Side note: can I change my address one last time? This should be the right one:
LT Carl Goforth
C Co 3rd BSB
1 BCT 3 ID
Camp Ramadi
APO, AE 09396


Missy said...

Dear Lt. Goforth:

I stumbled onto your blog this morning. Caught myself up on your postings and found them quite interesting and informative.

As an aside, so much talk about CS Lewis has given me the desire to read "Mere Christianity" again. Thanks for the reminder.

On a serious note: Coming from Florida, I believe that I can fulfill your desire for interesting lawn ornaments! Keep your eyes peeled for the box :)

Thanks go out to you and your team for your service - it is greatly appreciated, contrary to news reports.

Anonymous said...

Hey,Acute Politics linked your blog to his. Nice writing! Thank you for sharing your slice of life.

Sarge Charlie said...

I also popped over from Acute Politics, you have a very interesting blog, me I'm just another old solder who wishes I could be there with you. Thank you for your service, stay safe

Bag Blog said...

I, too, found my way to your blog via Acute Politics. Being a Soldier's Angel I am always looking for word from the war - even the mundane things. Also, I have a cousin at Camp Corregidor in Ramadi - so I constantly look for news/info on the area. I hope you don't mind if I tag along - reading your blog and wishing you well.

Desert Flier said...

The feedback is phenomenal....thanks! Looking forward to scratching out a decent patio when the trauma team's hut is completed; the lawn ornaments will be a big hit!