Sunday, April 1, 2007

Friendships where you least expect them....

Wanted to take a little time to introduce two great friends I met at Al Asad. Kathy is standing behind the exhaust of a burnt out MIG. She lives in Oregon and is an Army reservist attached to a unit from the NorthEast. She is an OR nurse, and was instrumental in getting the Army's Level III hospital up to speed. Kathy introduced me to vanilla chai lattes, and I showed her some of Al Asad's "don't miss" sites (e.g. Abraham's Oasis, anti-aircraft outpost, the hospital's lost dungeons). We had an absolute blast the last few weeks I was there.
Cameo is the pool/swim instructor at the Al Asad indoor pool. She is retired Army and also has a son stationed in Kuwait. If it wasn't for Cameo, I would have never timed myself for a half-mile swim (21:19 thank you very much), or learned the butterfly stroke (still learning....) She wanted me to thank everyone who sent swim goggles---it was a huge help!!!!
To meet these two special women out here was beyond what I expected. They provided a lighter touch of humanity to what is otherwise a desolate and sometimes inhospitable place. They both have the biggest hearts, care deeply for others, and it shows in all they do. I am blessed to have found such special relationships where I never would have expected.....thank you both!!!!

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U No Who said...

I'm sure they just loved you, Carl. Your an easy person to like and get along with!