Monday, April 2, 2007

Iraqi Police gone wild

This is the backside of the hospital, and is our casualty receiving area. The vehicles that come barreling down this alley are as varied as the patients. Everything from Bradleys and Strykers to Iraqi Coalition vehicles and MIA1 Abrahams.

Two days ago we added massive concrete barriers between the passageway and our receiving area. Don't you want to know why???

Here's a story you don't want to miss: I was standing in the trauma bay when we got a heads up that suspected insurgents were being brought after a firefight out in Ramadi. So the teams assembled quickly outside to receive the patients (modus operandi). So imagine the surprise when two Iraqi Police trucks whip around the corner bristling with AK-47's from truck beds, windows, ect. And one IP standing at the .50 Cal mount with all weapons fully loaded! HOLY SH.. was all I was thinking, if you want the truth. We know and work with the Iraqi Police fairly close at this point, but still: who really knows who the bad guys are? They could have vaporized most of the trauma team in seconds. The front gate failed to get them to actually clear all weapons before entering. Can someone say "dropped the ball". We immediately put in a priority construction request the next day.


Anonymous said...

Carl, I'm sorry you and your team have to go through what you do. But, I'm glad you have faith in the Big Man Upstairs. I know He keeps you going (me, too). Thank you sooooo much for sharing your experiences, the good and the bad. Take care and lots of love your way.
ChiTown Sandy

Dad said...

Dear Son.
Wrote a comment that was several pages long. Here's the condensed version:
God bless you, you're doing a great job. And keep telling the truth as you know it.
Love, Dad

Bag Blog said...

Wow, I bet that was a sight to see - in fact, my words were Holy sh.. also - words that I am not sure that I would want to be my last, but sometimes appropriate. This is some exciting reading!