Saturday, March 31, 2007

Not your Grandpa's RV...

Check this thing out! We use this armor-plated bus to transport personnel to/from some of the small forward bases near Camp Ramadi. Solid armor plating thoughout (hitting the side is like trying to punch a concrete wall--experience speaking here). Impervious to small arms fire and RPGs, this is travelling in style. Heck, every seat has a weapons port for shooting on the go. All passengers get to join in!
The KBR contractor is kindly pointing out the bullet dents. This thing laughs at small arms fire!
My initial question when looking at this thing is this: who decided not to protect the wheels???? Sure, the bad guys can't penetrate the body, but the wheels seem a little vulnerable to me. The thing would be a sitting duck.
Well, that's my two cents worth.


Sue in Canada said...

I read your blog with interest and admiration! Thank you for sharing your experiences with the rest of the world!
I know you noticed the tires...but I noticed something else that a STARBUCKS in his hand? LOL
I guess I should not be surprised...I know the Canadians in Afghanistan have their beloved Tim Hortons I guess the Americans should have their Buckies! Wonder what the British are drinking? Earl Grey?
Stay Safe!

Desert Flier said...

Actually there is a small independent coffee shop at some of the bases called Green Beans Coffee. Thanks to Kathy, I now know that the best vanilla chai lattes in the middle east can be found at Green Beans!!