Sunday, March 18, 2007

Northwest Herald Article

Many things happening right now:

The Army is having their ribbon cutting ceremony this morning. At noon, they are opening their doors for business. So we are close to having Level III medical capability in Anbar Province.

Our shock/trauma team threw a huge BBQ party last night with the Army staff to celebrate the transition and how well we have been working together. Trust me when I say that getting over inter-service rivalries is not an easy thing to's all about building community.....

There is an article in the Chicagoland Northwest Herald about my father, Carroll, and how he keeps up with my experiences through the blog. I will try to post a link either in this entry or added to my links on the sidebar.

All this, and we still manage to run our shock/trauma unit waiting for the Army to open. We currently have several Iraqi patients that still need treatment and care from IED blast wounds. Our focus continues to be on care rendered "par excellence" despite all the day to day distractors.


Anonymous said...

Carl, thanks for sharing your feelings and your life with all of us. It helps to not make you seem so far away. Your dad called me yesterday at 10:15 am to tell me about the article. I didn't think he got up that early on Sunday...he was really proud to be able to tell his community about you. We are all proud of you.
Lots of love, ChiTown Sandy

Michelle said...

Dear Lt. Goforth, I saw the article in this week's Northwest Herald and I wanted to let you know that you and your team's contributions are appreciated by many. I also linked your blog to my library's blog and mentioned your piece. Perhaps, it will find a place among our faculty and students. I thank you, Michelle Carter, College of Lake County, Librarian, Grayslake, Illinois.

Dad said...

Dear readers of Desert Flier.
Carl sent me a email today and asked me to tell everyone that he is sorry he hasn't been able to write any reports recently. "Please let everyone know that I don't have good internet access right now. I'm going to Ramadi probably on Sunday or Monday." (Read his recent reports regarding his transfer.) Carl thanks you all for your prayers and your interest in his Blog. Please check his website often. If you would like to leave comments, please do so. His email address is also listed on one of the posts from earlier this month.
God bless our troops and God bless us all.