Monday, March 5, 2007

Carry on, Old Glory

Pictured in front of our barracks is Jeff, an old acquaintance of mine from Portsmouth Naval Hospital. He's an orthopedic surgeon, and was part of the trauma team we just replaced.

Jeff was the barracks officer, and worked hard at making some improvements, including the addition of a flag pole and a flood light to fly our colors 24/7. I have taken on the responsibility of displaying Old Glory from Jeff......and it's been another welcome diversion from shock/trauma.
The flood light wasn't working when I took over the job, and Jeff and I got that fixed the day before he took the freedom bird home. That night, a wicked sand storm kicked up, and broke my flood light within two hours.....back to square one. I got it fixed again two days far, so good.

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Dad said...

If you need any materials to maintain the flagpole and the flood light, let me know. Assuming there are no restrictions, I'll be glad to buy and send whatever you need. And if the cost is more than I can manage, I'll send a email to our friends and family and ask for some assistance. So, if you have a need, we have the resources.