Thursday, March 15, 2007

Army's newest Level III Hospital

Associated Press: The opening ceremony of a new military hospital operated by the 399th Combat Support Hospital (CSH) will take place at 10 a.m., Monday, March 19, 2007, in Al Asad.
This hospital is the first military hospital to be built in the Al Anbar Province. Previous military hospital buildings in that region pre-existed. It will be the primary medical support hospital for the Marine Expeditionary Force, Coalition and Iraqi Forces, including the Iraqi Police, in the Al Anbar province.
The 399th CSH reports directly to TF3 MEDCOM commanded by Maj. Gen. Ronald D. Silverman. TF3 MEDCOM is composed of more than 30 medical units and around 3,000 Soldiers. It is responsible for all medical care for service members throughout the Iraqi theater of operations. TF3 MEDCOM capabilities include combat support hospitals and includes an Air Force theater hospital, multifunctional medical battalions, pathology, dental, combat stress, veterinarian medicine and preventative medicine. TF3 MEDCOM headquarters is based out of Forest Park, Ga.
Forty percent of U.S. casualties come from the Al Anbar Province. The primary benefit of having this hospital in the Al Anbar province is that it will reduce the amount of time before Marines, Coalition and Iraqi Armed Forces receive level III (Surgical and Stabilization) medical care in the region.
The Al Asad hospital will also feature a women's clinic, outpatient specialty clinics, primary sick call, community health, mental health, occupational therapy/physical therapy and ancillary services such as lab, blood bank, X-ray/CT scan and nutritional care.
Other important special care that the hospital will provide include critical nursing care, intermediate care, emergency medicine, trauma surgery, orthopedic surgery, family practice, internal medicine, OB/GYN, pediatrics, psychology, radiology, pulmonology, cardiology, general surgery, vascular surgery, hand surgery, oral/maxo-facial surgery, anesthesia, nutrition and outpatient follow-up care.
The 399th CSH is an Army Reserve unit with its headquarters in Taunton, Mass., and commanded by Col. Bryan Kelly. The top enlisted Soldier in the unit is Command Sgt. Maj. Mitchell Delvalle. The unit is currently staffed with Soldiers from 39 different states and is a multi-composition unit of both Active and Reserve Soldiers. The 399th CSH operates two hospitals; the other being in Tikrit, Iraq

The above article came out today about the Army's 399th Combat Support Hospital. They are opening up on Monday. 40% of Iraq's casualties come from the Arbar Province? I didn't even know that! I think I just discovered my lack of sleep problem....

Thanks to all who quickly offered to send swim goggles. It will go to a very good use. Response has been great, and I think around 15-20 pairs will be shipped. Here is the address to send them:
Cameo Lawrence
KBR Site B-1
Unit 73348
FPO, AE 09333-3348

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