Sunday, March 11, 2007

God's deeper understanding

As I strive to understand the deeper nature of Islam, I will continue to post entries in this vein. I have the priveledged opportunity to have conversations with the Iraqi staff here at the hospital.
Our interpreter is from Baghdad, has a cool alias (Mr. Allen), and plays a crucial role in our ability to communicate with the Iraqi nationals that come thru our doors. He has a deep love and passion for his Country--and his heart is set on a peaceful Iraq. I have gained a much deeper appreciation and affection for the Iraqi people since arriving and going to work. There's nothing like first hand experience to add to wisdom and gain true perspective.
Other than Mecca and Medina, Baghdad has been the cultural center of Islam for most of it's history. The Caliphate (spiritual heart of Islam) was located in Baghdad for over half a millenium. I can attest to the fact that Mr. Allen is torn by what is happening in his Country; he has a family and future generations that hang in the balance....
Vanessa, a great friend from my Marine Corps. days, helped me gain some perspective into God's workings both in Iraq and the world. I'm pasting her email in reference to a book she read about Islam in the past year:
"It's by Christian authors and they gave the history of Islam, ET., one thing I remember them saying quite vividly is that Mohammad prophesied that they would conquer the world, religiously speaking,--and--they are behind schedule at this point and desperate to bring that prophesy to fruition! Thus, the brutal non-stop violence. Thankfully, God in His wisdom has them fight amongst themselves as this slows their progress, sort of like the building of the Tower of Babel! Because they are divided into Shiites/Sunni's and other splinter groups that can't agree with one another, their hampered somewhat in that quest of conquering the world."

Thanks Nessa for keeping me in God's perspective!

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Stampin'JenP said...

I just want you to know that I am praying for you and am grateful for your service to our country and the Iraqi people. You are a wonderful person for this venture in your life. May God Bless You today and always!