Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ar Ramadi

Flew to Ar Ramadi last night via CH-53 with everything I own. The flight was uneventful (perfect), and we got settled into some temporary barracks around 2 AM.
We are supplementing a small trauma surgery unit that has been here almost a month. They consist of a surgeon, two other en-route care/trauma nurses, anesthesiologist, and two OR techs. With our orthopeadic team, we add an orthopeadic surgeon, OR nurse (D squared), anesthesiologist, and myself. The team here is small and works well together, and they are happy to get the assistance. We are working with 3 ID 3rd BSB Army medical.
Well, not a lot of time of course. Much more to follow soon!

LT Carl Goforth
CLB-6 (surgical)
Unit 73871
FPO, AE 09509-3871

Desert Flier....


Ness said...

It won't let me post a comment here...Maybe your working on the blog? Just wanted to say you are hard to keep up with but we check in on you everyday.

Me, again said...

Finally! It worked

Anonymous said...


I sent a package to you last week but it went to your old address. I hope they forward it.

John C