Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Doha's older sister, Gofran

"She just can't stop smiling! I think she's even happier than her sister." Someone says as we play around and socialize with Gofran, Doha's older sister. She has the sweetest smile and I can sense her warm disposition as she looks down with a sheepish grin and plays with the fuzz off her new pink bunny. We just can't help ourselves when the children come in, and I ran to my "stash" to bring her a few more toys.

Also injured in an insurgent attack in February, Gofran has a large chunk of shrapnel embedded in her right thigh. She of course commands all of the attention in Charlie Medical this morning.

Tim and I remove the shrapnel embedded between the fascia and her thigh muscle. D squared is in the background getting supplies while Eric and Katie provide light facemask anesthesia. The piece of shrapnel is one inch in diameter, and comes out with a two inch incision and some gentle tugging. The cavity itself looks good: no infection and no muscle or bone damage. After a brief postoperative recovery period, Gofran is on her way with her brother again with some instructions, extra supplies, and a follow-up appointment. She leaves us minus a hunk of shrapnel, but gains an armful of toys and many new friends.


Bruce said...

Very infectious smile and it looks like you caught it.

Rejenia said...

I really needed all the good feelings you provided today, thanks for all you do.

Bag Blog said...

Gofran is certainly beautiful and certainly lucky to have you guys.

David M said...

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Matti said...

She's precious. I'm glad the surgery went so well for her. Good work guys!