Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ortho/Trauma Team

Ready, willing, and able. You call, we answer.



Matti said...

Great video! I like the black and white. Thanks for posting it. You guys rock. Big time. I could say that a million times, and it wouldn't be enough. That's how much you guys rock. :-)

karin in tx said...

Awesome...as always thanks for all you do. What you and all who serve do on a daily basis is truly a heroic act of selfless courage!
God keep you and all who serve safe!

Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Love the video......keep up the great work everyone. You are amazing selfless people & we totally appreciate all you do over there. Keep safe.

Veronica said...

hi, i'm a "soldiers' angel" and linked off of the medical director, Roger's, blog.

i cried, smiled, and prayed the whole time i watched this. i'm still praying.

i'm 27 years old sitting in my comfortable church office where i work and thank God for men and women like you all.

you aren't forgteen... i'm so humbled and honored to be protected by you all.

praying for your teams, for your hands and minds as you help your buddies, praying for your hearts to stay encouraged.

thanks for sharing this.

in Christ,