Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hearts and Minds

Some of the top commanders and colonels in the area toured Charlie Medical yesterday. RH, our head surgeon and detachment commander, gave them a tour of the OR and our capabilities. While discussing area topics and patient care for the local populous and Iraqi Forces, the colonel had some genuinely positive encouragement regarding the care we are rendering in Ramadi.

As stated in previous posts about Doha, and her sister Gofran, they are the orphaned children of an influential local family. The colonel said, in no uncertain terms, that the care we are providing to civilians, naming these children specifically, has resulted in a calming effect on the city.
He is quoted as saying those surgical procedures have done more recently to stem the violence than 30 raids could ever do.
Bravo Zulu to Charlie Medical and the Surgical Team......


Veronica said...

thanks for taking care of those kids. you all are the face of America the world should see.
so humbled to be protected by you all. i'm praying for your team.
----veronica. (soldeirs' angel: proud angel to Christopher)

David M said...

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karin in tx said...

As always...awed not only by your words, but all those who are described by them! God Bless you and all that you are doing, both individually and collectively!

Ozarkglittergirl said...

Lt. Goforth
You rock :)
U No Who

Missy said...


Good feedback and so true - plus it's the right thing to do, which always wins out for me.

About 2 years ago I read a post on from a Civil Affairs soldier in Afghanistan. He was on his second tour there and he stated that he saw a necessity to have just the right balance of the carrot (e.g. building schools and hospitals) and the stick (e.g. killing bad guys).

As he put it, we need both in the right measure to succeed. Too much humanitarian effort without "taking out" the bad guys does us and them no good - we are seen as weak and we leave them to fight another day, and yet too much force without the humanitarian effort is a loss too. The situation in Lebanon is a good example of this - Hezbollah is seen by them as a humanitarian organization.

"Props" go out to all of you over at Charlie Med for a job well done!

Mainer said...

Bravo is right, Lt. Goforth!! Compassion always helps a situation, and you guys are providing it unsparingly. Thank you for working at winning the hears of the Iraqi people.


Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

You are such an amazing group...God Bless you for all you are doing over there. You know how we all feel about you. Thank you for keeping us so well informed.

Anonymous said...

thank God in your particular area they are helping the local Iraqis. I've been frustrated watching the Military Channel learning that in certain areas the Americans turn away the Iraqis. Who knows how many more troops could be saved if more Iraqis call in with tips?
God Bless and Thank you for service. You guys are all heroes.

alexa kim said...

I also recently saw a picture of an Iraqi boy hiding behind one of Our Troops during gun fire across a busy street. I've always known that once people get to meet you, they quickly learn, we make beautiful human beings who shine from the inside out.

You are on my mind and in my prayers. Thank you dear Soldier, dear healer.