Friday, May 18, 2007

Week two, much progress

"These guys are doing much better."

"Tight groups, good range discipline."

"They seem locked on compared to last week. I'm impressed."

Just some of the comments I heard as I spent another afternoon at the weapons range providing medical coverage for the special forces trainers and Iraqi Police SWAT recruits. This marks the second week of a three week course. There is a noticable difference right away: they arrive and assemble in formation. The Iraqi Police Captain pictured below is a dynamic presence this time. His authority is palpable as he barks out orders that are followed without hesitation. The Iraqi Police have great weapons presence now: no waving the muzzle around while loading. No need for well-timed ducking on my part. Movements are crisp and in unision to command, rounds on target, foreshadowing a force to be reckoned with.