Sunday, May 6, 2007

Milblog Documentary

A link to a documentary produced last year featuring some of the most prominent 'milbloggers' at that time. Most are still active in the community, and continue to inform.
After watching, I came away agreeing with the comments they were making "it started as a fluke", "I thought it would be a better way to inform family and friends", "once I started getting emails and feedback, I felt I now had a responsibility to everyone". I echo those sentiments, and feel this is one of the few ways to "humanize" the war, to lend a voice that would otherwise never be heard.
The title is Talking to Somebody without Talking to Anybody. I have a slightly different take: When I sit down to write an entry, I feel as if I am reaching out to talk to Everybody. Just my interpretation.

Side note: YouTube has portions of the Milblog Conference recently posted in the past two days.


madtom said...

I think you forgot to post the link?

LT GO said...

I double checked all the recent links, and they work on my end. I didn't link all of the YouTube Milblog Conference footage, as it can easily be found on their site.